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Join us for a dynamic keynote speaker panel focused on empowering women in industry through shared experiences, strategies for overcoming challenges, and the importance of allyship. This panel will feature:

  • A discussion on the prevalent challenges women encounter in professional settings, along with strategies for navigating and surmounting these obstacles.
  • Insights into the journey towards leadership, highlighting effective initiatives that bolster women's professional development.
  • The significance of male allyship in leadership, underscored by real-world examples of its positive impact on workplace diversity and inclusion.

Executive presence is a vital attribute for women in leadership roles. It encompasses a combination of confidence, poise, and effective communications that commands respect and influence. Developing executive presence enables women to be heard and taken more seriously. Women with executive presence can break through glass ceilings, contribute their unique perspectives, and lead with confidence.

  • Define executive presence and how it impacts your leadership journey
  • Discover the power of authenticity and how embracing your unique qualities can enhance your presence
  • Develop the self-confidence needed to tackle leadership challenges, lead with conviction, and navigate complex situations
  • Explore the importance of personal branding and how to cultivate a professional image that aligns with your leadership aspirations

According to a Deloitte’s Women at Work report, burnout is women’s top reason for actively considering leaving their employer. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance remains a challenge for women who wear many hats – working full-time jobs while managing their homes, kids, and spouse simultaneously. Join this session to explore the strategies necessary to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

  • Learn from women leaders who have successfully risen through the ranks while maintaining a satisfying work-life balance
  • Explore what success means to you personally and professionally, and learn how to align your goals with your values and priorities
  • Understand the importance of setting clear boundaries at work and at home to maintain a healthy balance

Research shows that companies with female top executives perform better. Yet, women face a variety of unique challenges that require practical strategies to navigate in today's business world. While you’ve been promoted in the past, it seems that no matter what you do, you’re stuck and challenged to reach the next level.

Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, combines her 25-year leadership experience with her communications expertise to elevate executives and transform them into senior leaders. Join Colleen as she gives you the strategies to stay well-positioned for your next promotion!

  • Break down the barriers of traditional promotion tactics to go after what you truly desire
  • Uncover the hidden culprit that’s secretly distracting you and stealing your time and energy from getting promoted
  • Create a compelling plan to communicate with your manager and launch into immediate action

The term 'glass cliff' refers to a situation in which women are promoted to higher positions during times of crisis or duress, or during a recession when the chance of failure is more likely. There are many case studies where many women and women of color are put into these situations. The speaker has also been subject to this and will discuss many things we can implement within organizations and be a sense of support to each other.

Women are three times as likely as men to leave the workforce to care for a family member, whether it’s a young child or aging parent, and in many cases, they return to work to find their career progression stalled as they are passed over for big projects or promotions. Challenging the idea that stepping away from the workforce reflects a lack of professional dedication or ambition can have positive business implications when we recognize the value of their different perspective upon return.

  • Supporting re-entry – how hiring managers can help and reap the rewards
  • Evaluating contribution and potential for growth
  • Building confidence after promotion
  • Planning for a return to work before stepping away

  • Use proven negotiation tactics and case studies to navigate benefit discussions that better align with diverse needs and priorities
  • Empower women leaders with the knowledge and tools to approach employers confidently, asserting that their compensation should reflect more comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Contribute to a workplace culture that supports holistic well-being

  • Discuss journey of entering pharma with a non-pharma background
  • Share learnings and how to overcome challenges when entering a new field as a woman leader
  • Highlight the importance of mentorship and how it can help outline your career path

Day One Concludes

This session is a personal journey of authenticity and advancement within the workplace, shared by a remarkable Chinese-American woman. Through her inspiring story, we will explore the challenges, successes, and unique perspective that have shaped her path to leadership

  • Learn how to leverage your individuality as a source of strength, fostering confidence and empowerment
  • Address common hurdles faced by minority women in leadership, from bias to microaggressions, and acquire practical tools for overcoming them
  • Understand the importance of mentorship and allyship networks and how they can contribute to your advancement

Leaders often find themselves navigating a diverse age spectrum, each with distinct communication styles and expectations. Whether you’re leading a team with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, or Gen Z, this session will provide you with the insights and strategies to foster collaboration, dispel misconceptions, and create an inclusive environment where every generation feels valued.

  • Explore the unique characteristics, values, and communication preferences of different generations
  • Learn to recognize and address common miscommunications or stereotypes that may arise due to generational differences
  • Discover how to harness the strengths of each generation to build more cohesive and productive teams

Women are nearly half of the U.S. workforce but only 27% of STEM workers. Women continue to be vastly underrepresented in the STEM workforce. How can we encourage more girls to enter the world of science? Join this session to learn from women scientists who serve as role models by inspiring others and breaking down gender stereotypes in STEM fields.

  • Share the unique journeys of women scientists, including their early inspirations, challenges they’ve faced and pivotal moments in their careers
  • Address the obstacles and biases that women in science often face and how to overcome them
  • Discuss the role of advocacy and activism in promoting gender equality in STEM and how everyone can contribute to this cause

  • Create a brand that accurately represents your personality, your abilities, and your goals.
  • Understand why building your own personal brand is important
  • Share lessons and tips on how to get started on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to build and nurture professional connections

In our ever-evolving professional landscape, networking remains an essential skill for career growth and personal development. The digital age has brought both opportunities and challenges to how we connect and build meaningful relationships, making it crucial to adapt to virtual and hybrid environments.

  • Discover secrets to making the most of online networking platforms and events
  • Explore strategies for keeping yourself and others engaged in this new digital environment
  • Learn techniques for initiating and nurturing relationships that extend beyond a single exchange, fostering enduring professional bonds

Do the leadership philosophies of men and women really differ so much? There has been a lot written in business literature about the ways that men and women lead differently. How can we embrace an inclusive mindset about men’s and women’s different leadership styles, recognize and accept the differences, and find methods to capitalize on them?

  • Understand that successful leaders possess both conventionally male and traditionally female traits and it’s not an either/or
  • Be aware of your personal biases around gender roles and put forth the effort necessary to change your way of thinking and acting
  • Know your leadership style and how to adapt it to fit different situations

In this talk, we will explore the key phases of career development that pave the way to reaching the coveted C-Suite positions within organizations. We will begin by discussing the foundational phase, emphasizing the importance of building a strong background, acquiring relevant skills, and gaining practical experience. Next, we will delve into the growth phase, where individuals should focus on continuous learning, seeking out challenging opportunities, and developing leadership abilities. Moving forward, we will explore the strategic phase, highlighting the significance of networking, building relationships, and seeking mentors who can provide guidance and support. Finally, we will address the pinnacle phase, where individuals must demonstrate exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and a track record of delivering results to secure top executive roles. Throughout the talk, I will provide practical tips, insights, and real-life examples to inspire and guide aspiring professionals on their journey towards the C-Suite.

This session focuses on the importance of owning and identifying your story to showcase your leadership capabilities, growth, and achievement. Attendees can expect takeaways such as:

  • Tips for crafting a compelling narrative to showcase your leadership skills and career growth.
  • Leveraging storytelling techniques to inspire and motivate teams
  • Using personal anecdotes to connect with stakeholders and build trust in the health care industry
  • Practical exercises to help participants articulate their own leadership stories and communicate their value proposition effectively

Day 2 Concludes

HR leaders say that “having strong leadership skills is one of the highest priorities when it comes to choosing new managers. Yet a Harvard Review study shows that, on average, most companies train their managers 9 years after they’ve been promoted. No wonder 38% of new leaders outright fail in the first 18 months!.Through her own 25-year leadership journey and ongoing research, Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, has created a unique framework, the “5-Star LeaderTM”, that will help you become the confident, effective leader you were meant to be. You'll discover how to transform yourself while striking the balance between people and results; master the methodologies for communication and employee development; and unlock the power of your network to keep your career on a consistent, upward trajectory. Be prepared to be inspired and empowered to continue taking your leadership to the next level!

8:30 – 9:15 AM: Opening Session

Self-reflection, interactive exercises and break down of the 5- Star LeaderTM

9:15 – 10:00 AM: Attract and Retain Top Talent

Acquire the competency to transition from an individual contributor into a leadership role

10:00 – 10:15 AM: Morning Break

10:15 – 11:30 AM: Attract and Retain Top Talent (cont.)

Evaluate the emotional intelligence domains required to attract and retain the right people

11:30 – 12:15 PM: Influence and Impact Throughout the Organization

Discover the universal needs required in a professional environment to create a thriving culture

12:15 – 1:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 – 2:15 PM: Influence and Impact Throughout the Organization (cont.)

Develop confidence and enhance your communication to achieve greater outcomes

2:15 – 2:45 PM: Develop the Individual

Learn the art of fostering independent decision making to gain buy-in and increase ownership

2:45 – 3:00 PM: Afternoon Break

3:00 – 3:30 PM: Develop the Individual (cont.)

Establish the employee development process that engages and retains your top talent

3:30 – 4:00 PM: Accelerate Your Future

Design your professional journey and leverage your network for purposeful growth and advancement

4:00 – 4:30 PM: Reflection & Action Planning

Post Conference Workshop Concludes